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HR Roundup – October 2018

This serves as a general roundup of recent HR news and information as of 1 October 2018.

Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act 2018

This legislation has received Royal Assent and the government plans to bring the Act into full force by April 2020.

The act entitles employees to the right to two weeks parental bereavement leave regardless of their length of service to those who have lost a child under the age of 18.  Those employees who have 26 weeks’ continuous service will be eligible to receive statutory bereavement pay for the two weeks.

Bereaved parents who opt to use this statutory leave will be entitled to the same employment protections as those employees entitled to other forms of leave, such as maternity/paternity leave.

The government is set to publish regulations which will detail how this will work procedurally and provide information around payments.

Employment Tribunal Statistics

As you might remember fees for lodging and hearing an employment tribunal claim were withdrawn following a Supreme Court decision in July 2017.  If you want to read up on the background you can find out more information from a previous article here.

If you compare the period April to June 2018 (no fees) with April to June 2017 (with fees) the number of single claims has risen by 165%.  This comes as no surprise and reflects the ‘new landscape’ for HR and businesses which I’ve referred to previously.  What this data does support is the need for businesses to seek HR advice at the earliest opportunity.  Good quality HR advice can assist a business to avoid (where possible) and defend (when needed) Employment Tribunal claims, which are on the rise.

Brexit – EU Settlement Scheme

The Government has published details regarding the EU Settlement Scheme.  At the time of writing it is not possible for EU citizens to begin applying for settled status and states that ‘the Scheme will be phased in later this year [2018], and will gradually open more widely until it is fully open by the end of March 2019’.

Provided an EU citizen is resident in the UK by 31 December 2020 they will have until 30 June 2021 to make an application.

More information and an employer toolkit which includes posters and leaflets for affected staff can be found here.

Public Concern at Work changes name to Protect

Protect is the new name for the organisation formerly known as Public Concern at Work an independent charity that provides advice to employees and employers on whistleblowing matters.

You can find out more about the organisation by visiting

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