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HR Round Up – April 2019


A list of significant employment law changes in April 2019.

1st April 2019 – National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage Increases

25 and over:       £8.21 was £7.83

21-24:                 £7.70 was £7.38

18-20:                 £6.15 was £5.90

Under 18:           £4.35 was £4.20

Apprentices:       £3.90 was £3.70

The accommodation offset will increase to £7.55 per day (was £7.00).

4th April 2019 – Gender Pay Gap Reports (private & voluntary sectors)

Note: only applies if you employ 250 or more staff.

Private and voluntary sector employers in England, Wales and Scotland with at least 250 employees are required to publish information about the differences in pay and bonuses between men and women in their workforce, based on a ‘snapshot’ date of 5th  April each year, under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The first set of reports was published in 2018, and the second reports are due by 4 April 2019.

6th April 2019 – Pension Contributions – Minimum Contributions Increasing

Employer and staff contributions are due to increase from 6th April 2019 as per the table below.

Date Employer Staff Total
6 April 2018 2% 3% 5%
6 April 2019 3% 5% 8%

If you have any queries regarding implementation of this, then you should contact your pension and/or payroll provider(s).

6th April 2019 – Good Work Plan: Employer Penalties for Breaches

Introduction of penalties for employers that repeatedly breach their employment law obligations. Tribunals have the power to impose a £5,000 ‘aggravated breach’ penalty on employers losing cases, and from 6 April 2019, the maximum limit on these penalties will rise to £20,000.

6th April 2019 – Pay Slip Changes

Employers must include the total number of hours worked where the pay varies according to the hours worked, for example under variable hours or zero hours contracts.  In other words it must be clear for variable/zero hours workers and employees how their total pay has been calculated i.e. £150 (10 hours x £15.00 per hour), you can no longer simply provide the total amount being paid.

In addition payslips must be given to ‘workers’ and not just employees.

6th April 2019 – Termination Payments Over £30,000

 Class 1A employer National Insurance contributions will be payable on termination payments over and above £30,000.

  6th & 7th April 2019 – Various Statutory Payment Increases (sick, maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental pay etc)

Statutory sick pay (SSP) rises from £92.05 to £94.25 on 6 April 2019

Statutory maternity (SMP), paternity (SPP), adoption (SAP) and shared parental pay (ShPP) rises from £145.18 to £146.68 a week on 7th  April 2019.

The lower earnings limit rises from £116.00 to £118.00 on 7th April 2019.

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