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Brexit – White Paper

Businesses are understandably watching Brexit developments with great interest.

The government recently published a white paper ‘The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union’.  If you lack for reading material over the summer holidays and want to read the 104 page document in full you can find it here.

The white paper sets out the Government’s vision for Brexit across all major policy areas.  In terms of employment the paper sets out that there will be no regression of employment legislation and the following paragraphs are of particular relevance:


  1. The UK firmly believes in the importance of strong labour protections while also embracing the opportunities arising from the changing world of work. Existing workers’ rights enjoyed under EU law will continue to be available in UK law on the day of withdrawal.
  1. Given this strong record, and in the context of the UK’s vision for the future relationship with the EU, the UK proposes that the UK and the EU commit to the non-regression of labour standards. The UK and the EU should also commit to uphold their obligations deriving from their International Labour Organisation commitments.


In summary the current intention of our government is ‘business as usual with regards to employment legislation following the United Kingdoms exit from the EU.

Needless to say this white paper represents the intent of the Government at this time (July 2018) and may be subject to change in light of political developments at home and ongoing negotiations with the EU.

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